Construction Accidents - The High Price of Progress in a Dangerous World

A person works while standing on a structure of scaffolding that, unbeknownst to the worker, has not been properly secured down below.   When he shifts his weight to perform his job, the scaffolding collapses and he falls dozens of feet and suffers serious injuries.

Another worker goes about his business in a trench when an adjacent wall crashes onto him unexpectedly.   He dislocates his pelvis and suffers several fractures.

An electrician climbs down a ladder and steps onto a piece of sheet rock that is not properly covering a hole which the electrician cannot see.   The electrician falls through the hole and sustains severe injuries to his shoulder, neck, and back and requires surgery and a long recovery period.

We live in a society of builders, especially here in New York.   The people of New York require vast amounts of residential and commercial buildings for places to live and work.  In our country and many others, such development is both economically desirable and a symbol of progress.   But what is the price?

The cost is reflected in the injuries, physical and otherwise, suffered by the construction workers who make this progress possible.   At Raskin & Kremins, we make sure that injured workers are compensated fairly for their sacrifice.   Many construction workers injured on the job are entitled to monetary compensation, including pain and suffering awards.  We believe that construction companies and contractors must be held accountable for their actions because it is the only fair outcome for injured laborers. We recognize that these types of companies and their insurers will not adequately safeguard the health and safety of their employees unless they know they will be held legally responsible.

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