QUESTIONS TO ASK ANY                               LAWYER


1. Will you stay in touch AFTER I sign?   

A good firm puts your interests first and always makes sure you are in the loop every step of the way.

2. What steps will be taken to protect my rights? 

A good personal injury firm will start an immediate investigation, notify all defendants, and get all relevant documents and medical records right away. This will let the insurance company know they're in for a war if they don't get serious fast.

3. How do I know you won't settle for less than I deserve?

The decision of when to resolve your case is yours alone. A good firm will fight to maximize the money you recieve. 

4. How can my family and I survive for now?

Some law firms are willing to help you through the tough times by advising you of different methods of support available. 



  1. Concentration: We work for injured persons only, not insurance companies. 
  2. Proven Strategy: We'll start with a clear strategy to get you the best pssible results without delay. Within the first ten days, your case will have serious momentum. Your case will never go into a "black hole." 
  3. Our Honest Guarantee: We will always be 'up front' with you. We will never exaggerate or minimize what you can expect. We don't take cases we don't believe will succeed .
  4. Regular Contact: We will work closely with you until justice is served .
  5. Financial: We will help you confront your current financial challenges by advising you of all your financial options. 


                        NO FEE UNLESS WE WIN YOUR CASE