Wei Ling S. Chang

Office Manager

Wei Ling S. Chang has been the office manager of Raskin & Kremins, LLP for the past 21 years. She works directly with the partners to ensure that the office runs efficiently and smoothly, including maintaining the firm’s financial accounts, accounts receivables, accounts payable and payroll. Ms. Chang also handles all medical and other liens on cases and participates in negotiating reductions on the clients’ benefit. She is also responsible for handling cases after resolution including preparing and exchanging all settlement documentation and disbursements of proceeds to respective clients.

Tracey Itri

Executive Legal Secretary/Assistant

At Raskin & Kremins, LLP, Tracey is the executive legal secretary/assistant to the partners of the firm and has held this position for the past 28 years. Throughout this time, Tracey has handled all aspects of client personal injury litigation files from inception through settlement, with a main focus and responsibility assisting the attorneys in trial and mediation preparation.

Tracey also works closely with clients and assists them in dealing with personal matters during pending litigation.

Carlene McGregor

Calendar Coordinator and Head Receptionist

Carlene McGregor has been the Calendar Coordinator and Head Receptionist at the Law Offices of Raskin & Kremins for 18 years. She is completely responsible for the Firm’s Court Calendar, processing of all new cases and generally the first contact person when calling Raskin & Kremins. She has worked in the Personal Injury Litigation field for 22 years. Carlene enjoys what she does and does it with an enthusiasm always admired by those she engages with. She is a hardworking and dedicated worker, and we are all proud to have her as a part of our team.

Yvelisse Mota


Yvelisse Mota is a Bi-lingual Litigation Paralegal at the law firm of Raskin & Kremins and is involved in all aspects of processing the firm’s major litigation cases. She is the Paralegal to Partner and Trial Attorney Michael Kremins, Esq. She has been a Paralegal in Personal Injury litigation for approximately 30 years. She is of Dominican descent and speaks, reads and writes Spanish. She assists our non-English speaking clients with interpreting and translating.

Yvelisse has a degree in Paralegal Studies and handles all phases of Personal Injury litigation from inception to trial. She is extremely experienced in motor vehicle, premises, and labor law cases. Most importantly, Yvelisse is a real people person and enjoys assisting our clients during this difficult process. She shows compassion and willingness to help our clients which provides them comfort during the period of pending litigation.

Kelvin Inoa

Administrative Assistant

Kelvin Inoa is an administrative assistant at the law firm of Raskin and Kremins, LLP. Born and raised in New York City, Kelvin is fluent in Spanish and English. He attends LaGuardia community college where he is earning a degree in New Media Technology. Kelvin has extensive expertise in the legal field assisting paralegals in litigation preparation and case management. He is actively pursuing a career in multimedia and internet-based technologies with the hopes of one day becoming a computer programmer.

Lyana M. Velez


Lyana M. Velez has been a dedicated employee of the Law Offices of Raskin & Kremins, LLP for 5 years. She has been involved as a Personal Injury Litigation Paralegal for over 8 years and has assisted our Partners and Associates in complex cases from inception to Trial.

She is especially adept at keeping clients up to date as to the status of their cases and assisting them with any other needs that may arise relative to litigation.

She received her Associate of Science Degree from Mercy College and Certification in Paralegal Studies from Westchester Community College. She is of Cuban/Puerto Rican descent and is fluent in Spanish. Lyana M. Velez is very charismatic, extremely friendly and enjoys working closely with our clients and assisting them throughout the entirety of their case.

Cristina M. Pica

Cristina M. Pica has been a paralegal at Raskin & Kremins, LLP for four years, but she has worked as a paralegal handling plaintiffs' personal injury cases for 13 years. Cristina obtained a bachelor's degree in paralegal studies from St. John's University, Staten Island Campus. Cristina enjoys working closely with clients and assisting in all matters during pending litigation.

William Santiago

Director of Claims

William Santiago has a diverse legal, medical, claims, investigative and business background. As Director of Claims (a position specially created for William), he incorporates many of the skills he has honed throughout the years: namely, handling complex claims negotiations, managing case inventory, working jointly with attorneys and otherwise guiding and supporting our staff.

He is a skillful negotiator with a mastery of the nuances of the industry, which contribute to his ability to reconcile impasses with claims examiners and opposing counsel and to achieve highly profitable end results. He conducts intricate claims investigations and acts as a gatekeeper for new matters. When you contact our office to discuss a potential new matter, William is likely to be the person who will explore the viability of your potential case before conferring with our attorneys.

During his years in the business, he has materially assisted in the culmination of lucrative six-figure and seven-figure settlements for motor vehicle, slip/trip & fall, boating, workers’ compensation, and medical malpractice cases across NY, NJ, CT, and FL. He has also resuscitated and otherwise salvaged value from controverted, lost or provisionally discharged claims. William is multilingual and is particularly fluent in Spanish. He studied at Phillips Andover Academy and at New York University.