If you hear the story of my upbringing, you’ll understand why I’m so passionate about advocating for the disadvantaged. You see, growing up, I lived in a rough part of New York. I was raised among immigrants, blue collar workers, and others with little education. I witnessed discrimination, dangerous working conditions, and police brutality in my very own neighborhood. I was inspired to speak out against wrongdoings encountered. So, it’s no surprise that once I became an attorney, I was inspired to stand up for the civil rights and safety of others. 

Over 40 years later, my dedication has never wavered. When I know someone is suffering, I will work until 4 o’clock in the morning in order to seek justice on their behalf. And thanks to my time as general counsel for the lieutenants and captains of the New York City Police Department, I am particularly adept at handling discrimination and police brutality matters in addition to catastrophic injury.

My competitive spirit only adds fuel to my fire. I enjoy having an opponent. Trial is like a game of chess, and I strive to do whatever it takes to win. The adrenaline is addicting — there’s no better feeling than hearing a verdict ruled in your favor and seeing relief wash over your clients. Some walk out of the courtroom looking like entirely different people, and changing lives in this way is what I live to do. Regardless of the stress of the fight, I will always come back to those in need. 

While lawsuits may seem stressful, I always remind my clients that they may be the bridge to a better life.

My Work in Action

You may be wondering exactly who I represent or why I consider my work so meaningful, so let me tell you a story. Right before Christmas, a man was crossing the road with his kids in hand. Out of nowhere, a delivery truck hit them and dragged his son down the street, causing serious brain injury. The police eliminated all fault on the truck’s behalf and blamed the father for jaywalking, worsening the guilt he already felt. 

Two other firms evaluated the case and came to the same conclusion as the police, but when the father described what happened to our firm, we saw the situation differently. We put the truck company and the driver's conduct on trial and won a $10 million settlement for the family.

The Benefits for My Clients

Because we realized that the family would have long-term expenses, we helped set up a structure with the insurance company that would effectively budget their money by providing increments in the thousands each month. This structure will pay the family a lifetime of benefits which should exceed $25 million. The family was able to move out of their small apartment to a comfortable home in the suburbs and secure the healthcare they needed. In addition to the son’s medical treatment, the entire family required extensive counseling to recover from the event. 

The settlement also paid the daughter’s way through college. She is now in the process of becoming a physical therapist because she wants to help other injury victims like her brother. The fact that we were able to help provide this lifestyle for the family when they otherwise may have had to choose between footing medical bills, and paying their rent, is truly a source of satisfaction.

Bar Admissions

  • United States Supreme Court

  • Federal Court of New York

  • State of New York


  • J.D., Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law

  • B.A., American University

Professional Associations

  • American Association for Justice

  • United States Supreme Court, Washington, D.C.

  • New York County Lawyers Association, Supreme Court Committee

  • New York State Trial Lawyers Association

  • New York City Trial Lawyers Association, Board Member

  • Bronx Bar Associations, Judiciary Committee

  • Judge, Thurgood Marshall Mock Trial Competition, Supreme Court, Bronx County 2010 - present 

  • American Trial Lawyers Association Top 100 Trial Lawyers

  • All Local, Federal, and State Courts

  • President of the Jewish Lawyers Guild 

Speaking Engagements

  • Speaker at numerous Continuing Legal Education seminars