Have you suffered sexual abuse at your time at Rokerfeller University?

If You Were Sexually Abused We Can Provide Safe and Trusted Assistance. The Child Victims Act (CVA) now extends the statute of limitations for a survivor of child sexual abuse in criminal and civil cases in New York. This means there is now more time for a survivor of child sexual abuse to press criminal charges.

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Read the New Report on Dr. Archibald’s Abuse at Rockefeller University Hospital:  More than 200 of Dr. Reginald Archibald’s former patients from Rockefeller University Hospital have stood up to him in court.  On May 23, 2019, the University released a new report regarding Dr. Archibald’s sexual abuse of his former patients.

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Grand Jury Investigated Dr. Archibald in late 1960:  The new report by Rockefeller University Hospital discloses that the New York County District Attorney’s Office issued a grand jury subpoena for Dr. Archibald’s medical records for two patients in late 1960 “presumably prompted by a complaint.”  While Dr. Archibald was not charged with any offense, the report contains no evidence that Rockefeller University Hospital took any meaningful steps to determine whether he was using his position to sexually abuse his patients.

The Physician-in-Chief From 1960 to 1974 Received Multiple Complaints About Dr. Archibald:  The new report indicates that the Physician-in-Chief of the Hospital from 1960 to 1974 received “several complaints” during his tenure “about Dr. Archibald’s examinations of patients’ genitals.”  The report states the Physician-in-Chief admitted in 2004 that he “thought Archibald’s approach to examinations, in taking genital measurements, was questionable.”  The report fails to explain why the Physician-in-Chief took no steps to investigate Dr. Archibald further or to protect his child patients from more abuse.

“Much of Archibald’s Behavior Must Be Seen as Motivated by Improper Sexual Interests”:  Although the new report claims that some of what Dr. Archibald did was “reasonable in the context of his practice and research under standards at the time,” it admits that “much of Archibald’s behavior must be seen as motivated by improper sexual interests.”  This admission supports our view:  Dr. Archibald was a sexual predator who received sexual gratification from any interaction he had with a child.

Madison Square Boys Club:  Children met Dr. Reginald Archibald through the Madison Square Boys Club, and we have learned that he sexually abused children at the Boys Club.  We are actively investigating what the Boys Club knew about Dr. Archibald, and we have asked it to share what it knows about him.  If you met Dr. Archibald through the Boys Club, or have information regarding his role at the Boys Club, please contact us.

We are looking to represent more former patients of Dr. Archibald who allege they were sexually abused by him under the guise of “treatment,”. If you or someone you love was a patient of Dr. Archibald, please contact us for a confidential consultation.  There is no charge for speaking with us.

We highly recommend that you speak with us to learn your legal rights before you contact Rockefeller University Hospital or its defense law firm that has sent letters to his patients.  You do not have to talk with the University’s defense attorneys to obtain your medical records.  Speak with us to learn your rights.  

On October 5, 2018, the Rockefeller University Hospital released a statement regarding “inappropriate conduct” he engaged in during patient examinations. The hospital acknowledged the conduct and “deeply regret[s] pain and suffering caused to any of Dr. Archibald’s former patients.” Dr. Archibald studied “childhood growth and maturation.”

Below is a copy of the text from the University’s statement, followed by a copy of the letter that the University’s lawyers sent to some of Dr. Archibald’s former patients.  We are attorneys who represent abuse survivors.  We do not represent the University, Dr. Archibald, or any institution that allowed children to be abused.  You can learn more about us by clicking here, and you can contact us for a free, confidential consultation by clicking here.